Quality Is Always First

When QSS was founded we were determined to offer the highest quality standby power service and hardware in the industry and we continue to fulfill this commitment. That’s why we specify the complete line of standby batteries, chargers, and DC power system components as well as battery system monitoring, testing hardware, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), converters and inverters from the world’s best manufacturers.

Reliability: An Effective System That’s Always Ready

A correctly designed and installed standby power system works when you need it – time after time. Many companies require back-up power on a frequent basis, others very rarely, but no matter what your back-up standby power need is QSS can design and install a system that is ready to go when you need it, for as long as you need it and as often as you need it.

Service: It’s Our Team That Ensures Reliability

Beyond our expertise and quality hardware what our customers tell us is that the QSS working process is virtually seamless – from early design and cost estimation, through installation, systems quality control maintenance, and billing QSS teamwork is considered the best in the business. Our senior management team takes a hands-on approach to working with customers to ensure we understand the standby power need and so our customers are informed as the process proceeds to completion.

Value: The Right System For The Right Price

Expert configuration using quality equipment, installed correctly and quality assured for performance is what makes a standby power system effective – year after year. The long-life of the right system at the right price is what yields value. We believe in providing value and it’s at the core of what QSS is all about.