Project Profiles


Telecommunications Company

When one of the nation’s top 3 wireless telecommunications companies needed an existing switch site expansion - QSS performed battery installation and maintenance on the critical 48 Volt wet cell battery strings, including removal of battery strings from a decommissioned site in another state, transporting and then re-installing at the expansion site. The careful handling, packing and transporting insured that all (8) strings were installed and on-line prior to system cut-over.

Telecommunications Company

A very large business telecommunications provider (fiber, voice, data) in the southeast had two large strings of sealed VRLA (valve regulated lead acid) batteries headed into thermal runaway at one of their major switch sites. QSS supplied the replacement battery strings (6) and performed the on-line change-out. The new battery system was reconfigured to provide parallel strings for redundancy. This required installing new battery cables, termination bus work, cable tray and individual battery disconnects.

Regional Telephone Company

QSS provided the engineering and design for a major central office power upgrade for one of North Georgia’s leading CLECs, including replacement of the old style Ferroresonant Rectifiers with state-of-the-art Switchmode Design Rectifiers - providing redundancy and footprint savings. QSS upgraded the Distribution Bays and provided a large Inverter System that operated off of the 48 VDC plant. All work was performed transparently including the successful cut-over of the new power equipment.



4-Tier Data Center

For one of the world’s largest international shipping companies QSS was selected to provide maintenance services on the Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) battery systems at a critical 24/7/365 data center. The battery strings are the life blood of this leading-edge data technology center and QSS provides the user with the necessary battery data (routine maintenance and testing) to have confidence in the operation of the battery strings.

Global Internet Company

QSS provides generator-start battery maintenance and back-up switchgear batteries and chargers to a leading global internet company. We provide routine maintenance (per IEEE requirements) and trending of all battery data.

State Government

In a Southeastern State Capitol QSS provides maintenance services on the battery back-up systems for one of the major state government buildings. QSS maintains the state telecommunications 48V battery system and the UPS battery systems for computer back-up.

Monitoring and Testing

Regional Bank

A leading Southeastern based bank with multiple strings of VRLA batteries backing-up their data center was interested in a cost-effective method for remote monitoring of the battery strings for signs of battery degradation or other problems. QSS provided individual string monitors which constantly read the float current (an indicator of thermal runaway) of the string, including 4 segment voltages and overall monitoring of imbalances. The user can log into the network and see all battery string data remotely, providing the user with the information needed to be proactive in addressing any battery issues.

Regional Power Company

QSS provided complete testing and analyses of the combustion turbine generator batteries for an independent power producer with a plant located in Georgia. We utilized the Alber BCT 2000 battery test equipment, monitoring individual cells during a controlled load test. With the test data, QSS provided battery capacity (and estimated life) of each battery system, allowing the user to budget replacement decisions based on data.